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Posted by TURTLE 8 Oct 2015 - 7:21:00 AM

How do I make my grass grow? The secrets to growing a healthier and greener lawn.
Do not mix fertilisers. For instance, mixing natural and synthetic fertilisers will not work on your lawn. They would work if used separately but mixing both will not turn out effective.

If you go for chemical-based fertilisers, use it regularly. Experts recommend that you feed it to your lawn every six weeks.

Fertilisers won’t damage your lawn if you follow a disciplined schedule of using them. So, do not overuse them because the residue will flow into streams and lakes, blocking them with algae.

After fertilising, there has to be a following water therapy, which leads you to the next grass-growing tip.

Do not waste water by irrigating too often or too much. Your grass needs a limited amount of water depending on the type of soil and grass you have. In order to water wisely, let it go down deep, just enough for it to reach the roots.

The secret to watering enough is measuring at least one inch of water on your lawn every time you irrigate. Do this by putting an empty can of tuna on the grass bed and wait until it’s full before transferring to another spot.

The signs to know when it’s time to water are: when the soil resists after being pushed by a screwdriver, when it gets a slightly blue tinge and when foot prints are still visible after a while.

You may use an in-ground irrigation system or a sprinkler to have better control over its watering times.

It might be better to water it 2-3 days rather than doing it every day. Just make sure the water travels down deep to encourage healthy root growth.

Use the mower frequently so that the grass will always grow and stay green. It also prevents weed.

Do not cut the grass too short because it will require more maintenance. A short cut grass will need more herbicides to get rid of weed, and more water to keep up with the increased dry areas.

Change the height of the mow blades to ensure a specific cut on the grass. This technique can also make the grass roots grow deeper into the soil, which is a good sign that it becomes healthier.

Now that you have the answers to how to make grass grow, start creating a greener and healthier lawn.
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