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Posted by SPUDBROOKS 28 Jun 2010 - 6:09:00 PM

Hi there

I have a narrow garden bed of about 1.5m that sits directly in front of a brick wall in the front yard. It is a north facing wall and receives a lot of sunlight, year round. The soil in normal but perhaps a little sandy. All other conditions would be normal for the foothills of adelaide.

I'm after some suggestions for plants that could work in this position. Ideally I am looking for natives if possible. I already have grevilleas, kangaroo paws and dianella in the front yard, and would prefer not to set up for a climber (in case I decide to render the wall at a later date)

Would love to hear any suggestions to help a new home owner.


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Re: BOBKAT 30 Jun 2010 - 8:16:00 AM

A couple of suggestions - Cordyline terminalis Nigra is not native, but a near-neighbour, being a Kiwi. It gets about 1.8m high and only .8 across, so a tall plant with black-grey foliage and fabulous purple flowers which rise above the foliage. Not sure how much frost you get, but that area sounds well protected so worth a go. It looks great in mass and propogates easily from off shoots. bWe get light frosts here in the hills area of Sydney and it seems to cope fine in a sunny north facing position.

Or an Aussie suggestion - Xanthorrhea australis, the courthern grass tree tolerates light frost and would be striking and like your sandy soli. They do very well in large pots, which they like for the good draingae so you could even put it in a pot at the back and move it out the way if you do decide to render the wall. Good luck with the new garden

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