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why is my basil looking so bad

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Posted by KATHRYN2450 25 Aug 2010 - 8:38:00 PM

My basil was great but now it is looking bad and yellowing and most of the leaves look dead. Is it not getting enough sun? It is in a pretty good spot and gets sun all day until after lunch.

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Re: EDITOR 1 Sept 2010 - 11:10:00 AM

Basil is essentially an annual so at this time of year and if you've already got a season out of it the best bet would be that it's just simply getting to the end of its life cycle. Save and plant any seeds or plant new seedlings when it starts to get warmer where you are.

Re: Re: SILENTSHOPPER 7 Sept 2010 - 6:52:00 PM

The other issue maybe that it is getting wet feet. I have also found that a good trim can help them out as well.

Re: Re: TRACYW 8 Sept 2010 - 1:30:00 PM

what first came to my mind was too much water also

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