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Posted by MAXPLANT 25 Aug 2010 - 8:55:00 PM

I have birds who dig up my garden and make a huge mess on the path, why do they do this and what can I do to stop them?

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Re: EDITOR 1 Sept 2010 - 11:50:00 AM

One reason: food. Two main sources: seeds or insects. If they're digging and making a mess, they're probably scratching for worms and grubs.
One strategy would be to eliminate the supply. But that's pretty extreme and although you don't necessarily want grubs, you do want the worms.
The other is to deny access. Mt Annan Botanic Garden currently has huge beds of paper daisy seedlings getting close to flowering but still netted off as if with a giant cake dome. Not sure of your setup but maybe denser planting in the garden beds or turfing could make it harder for birds to get to the soil.

Re: Re: SILENTSHOPPER 7 Sept 2010 - 6:49:00 PM

I found just recently in an old gardening magazine that if you get 2 ice-cream lids stapled together label side in, and draw an angry face with huge eyes and tie this to a piece of string connected to a piece of wood or star picket etc so it can blow around in the wind, this apparently keeps these pesky little birdies at bay. I hope this helps.

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