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Posted by TRACEYANN 26 Aug 2010 - 1:54:00 PM

My absolute favourite native plant because of its hevaenly scent. I have had a few now that have survived to blossom once and then died. I had been keeping them in pots but I received some advice that they grow alongside brooks in the wild so I planted my latest one out in a dampish spot and it is surviving! However, I am yet to enjoy any blossom this year. Is it still to come? Can I encourage it somehow?

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Re: EDITOR 1 Sept 2010 - 12:12:00 PM

Some with fragrant flowers and many with aromatic leaves that are often behind that wonderful I'm-in-the-bush smell after rain.
But there are so many. It's something of a peak time but it may be that you just have one which flowers later. There should at least be signs of buds by now if you're going to get flowers this season.
Some are naturally short-lived and there's nothing to do but accept it. But the brook-side principle is a solid one. Generalising again, it does tend to be a good rule to keep boronias evenly & constantly moist but well-drained, not boggy.

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