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Posted by SIMON 3 Sept 2010 - 7:07:00 PM

i have 12 albany wooly bushes in my front garden in n area of 6m x 3m. in a particular corner i have had 2 die within a year of planting, now one of which is 2 yr old, 1.2 metre high and 1m wide, half the plant has died and the remaining plant is a lighter shade of green than all the others, however all plants are flowering/shooting well! any suggestions. could cats be causing this?

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Re: EDITOR 6 Sept 2010 - 4:49:00 PM


Given how well the rest of your Adenanthos are going I'd assume you're in a favourable area with some localised factor at play. Is there any evidence to pin it on cats or something else interfering with them?

It might be that slight differences in micro-climate are preying on the weaknesses of the species. As a woolly plant they can be susceptible to rotting if their foliage and roots don't get a good chance to dry out. Is the corner of death more shaded than the rest of the bed? Is that irrigation visible? Does it spray the plants' foliage? If so, drip irrigation or just less would be preferable. Though it should drain well in that high side of the bed, it would be worth double-checking that the irrigation there isn't leaking and making the soil wetter than they like.

Re: Re: PLANTS ON BINKS 16 Sept 2010 - 4:48:00 PM

looking for tips on propagating this plant. have had a few trys that came to nought.
has anyone had success with cuttings?

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