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noxious weeds

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Posted by DARCY GREEN 15 Mar 2011 - 1:59:00 PM

Hey Guys,

I am Darcy from Logans Nursery and a first time poster, I just had a concern raised by Brisbane City Council with me about a few weeds listed on the site. An example is Acacia Nilotica. This species is a major issue when it lists nurseries that may grow it, including ours. No-one we know would grow this species or any other Noxious weeds, yet it has a link to a list of possible nurseries that may grow the species. We do not mind our nursery being listed on the website, but we do not want to be associated with any noxious weed species, as I am sure most other nurseries do not either.

A lot of councils and clients take anything they read on the internet very seriously these days so we do not want to go through the trouble of Biosecurity etc for any issues that arise from this. If you require a list of species we grow to amend this, it is available at I am sure many other nurseries would also like this amended.

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Re: EDITOR 18 Mar 2011 - 11:22:00 AM

Good point. While developing more sophisticated ways to deal with what's a weed and where in an internet context, the inferences about and implications for nurseries could also be better addressed in those developments.

Re: Re: DARCY GREEN 5 Apr 2011 - 10:42:00 AM

Much appreciated.

Re: GREG103 8 Oct 2012 - 3:02:00 AM

Your site should also have DO NOT PLANT THIS IN AUSTRALIA. Reading the info below I may be tempted to put this in my garden not realizing that it will literally destroy local bushland areas.

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