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Posted by UNKNOWN 14 Jan 2010 - 10:51:00 AM

Our garden recycling plan revolves around the same basic theme as the household budget, “waste not, want not.? Something not wasted in one spot means more to go around elsewhere.
It's like the old “we don't swim in your toilet, please don't pee in our pool.? I don't want garbage in my food and don't put food in my garbage so we recycle everything we can, as most green waste is future plant food, animal food and people food.

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Re: UNKNOWN 1 Feb 2010 - 11:28:00 AM

I recycle grass clippings swept from walkways, leaves and most weeds, unless they have seed heads. Composting is supposed to cook most weed seeds, but weeds that do sprout take a lot of water, so that one's a toss up if it fails. What I don't compost still goes into a green waste bin for community recycling. They can grind up branches and things that take too long to break down whole in our small compost system.

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