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tough hedge! - rural garden needing protection.

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Posted by GREENGRUB 22 Apr 2010 - 9:16:00 PM

I am looking for ideas for a suitable plant to grow into a hedge. It needs to have the following characteristics.
1. Be able to withstand wind and become protection from wind both southerlies and westerlies.
2. Not be prickly so as to keep our two dogs out of mischief and the vets!
3. Not be poisonous to stock but also not tasty to it either!
4. Flowers and fragrance would be nice but no essential

I have already had success with Photinia and pittosporum but don't want to have them as a hedge here if possible.
We have bore water of 1,500 parts delivered by drippers to some of the garden that can cope but I have now enough rain water to water with.
My garden is lovely when it's not windy! We live on top of a hill in the Adelaide Hills and so when it gets windy we have three gullies that funnel the wind to us at great speed. Have planted over 500 trees so far to help with managing the winds and cutting the speed and this hedge has been my last sticking point to getting the garden sheltered on all fronts.
Hope someone can help with an idea.

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Re: EDITOR 27 Apr 2010 - 5:53:00 PM

Stock-proof/friendly is the killer criterion. Especially as they'll even obliviously devour completely toxic plants a double disaster.
But on the basis that viburnums are reported to be deer-resistant, I'll suggest Viburnum odoratissimum or 'Emerald Lustre'. Not sure if the screen is meant to be domestic or agricultural scale but these are generally available in commercial quantities.

Re: Re: GREENGRUB 16 May 2010 - 9:32:00 AM

Hi there thank you for your thoughts. The stock we have are horses and so they are usually but not always sensible about what they eat! I will look into Emerald Lustre, it was actually on my list! Will need about 53 plants from my calculations so being able to get commercial quantities at a better price will help me sell this to hubby!
Thank you again for your help.

Re: Re: CHAWKDANCE 28 May 2010 - 9:36:00 PM

have you considered Cherry Guava. We had them at Norfolk Island. The cattle loved them, but I think the horses stayed away. The bonus is great fruit for jellies and salads.

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